Landscape Construction

5840 76th Avenue SE

New Concept has the experience, people and equipment to efficiently execute any landscape construction project. With over 10 years in the industry, we have developed and continue to maintain strong associations with major general contractors, landscape architects and property developers.

Our services include the following aspects of landscape construction:

  1. Site grading and preparation
  2. Loam and mulch supply and placement
  3. Irrigation systems
  4. Supply and installation of sod, trees and shrubs
  5. Hydro seeding
  6. Custom rock work, pavers and retaining structures
  7. Fencing
  8. Landscape furniture supply and installation
  9. Landscape design

New Concept provides tree and shrub planting and are very experienced in determining what trees and shrubs are best suited for the Calgary climate.  We will assist you in selecting the appropriate type of tree or shrub that best suits your needs with consideration given to tree/shrub survival, shade, location etc.  Our supplier of trees and shrubs is second to none in the Calgary area.


Our professionals are experienced in sod placement either on flat lots or slopes to ensure proper drainage.  We also ensure that the ground is properly prepared, packed and leveled to ensure no sinking or shifting of the newly installed sod which will promote the best possible lawn.


We work closely with our clients, general contractors, landscape architects, other onsite subcontractors and owners to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Safety is of paramount importance at New Concept – we are SECOR certified and onsite safety, hazard assessments and participation in toolbox safety meetings are an integral part of our job.


We aim to follow up each construction project with year round maintenance – with first-class quality and always at an affordable price.